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A Life to Live: an Update

Last year, CHAPS introduced the community to a young girl named Gabby. Recently, we were able to catch up with her to keep you all in the loop. Take a few minutes to read about her incredible success here.

CHAPS Bracelets

CHAPS has connected with LifeLink Jewelry to create another opportunity for the community to become engaged with our creative mental health services.

These bracelets are being utilized within our Hope Lives suicide prevention and intervention programming to reinforce successes and provide the opportunity to take the powerful tools these youth find in our pastures with them, wherever they go. Charms featuring each of our horses are available, in addition to the CHAPS logo, as well as other powerful reminders to keep with you each day:courage, dream, inspire, and growth.

Purchase your own bracelet here to show your support, remember your own personal goals, celebrate your victories, and help CHAPS continue to provide services to those in need.

A Life to Live

Take a moment out of a busy day to read this story for one reason: it is an easy, feel-good read that you will enjoy. Meet Gabby, a client at CHAPS who's incredible success was made possible through the help of donors within the community. Read her story here.

Children with Horses Achieving Productivity and Success

The mission of CHAPS Academy is to serve children and families struggling with emotional and/or behavioral difficulties through the use of creative counseling and equine-assisted mental health activities. We empower those we serve to achieve ongoing productivity and success within their home, at school, at work, and in the community.

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