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Family Counseling Program
Family Counseling offers Traditional & Creative Counseling Services to children, youth, families and adults living with a variety of behavioral and mental health issues.

This program is the former Family Counseling Associates/Medical & Counseling Associated agency with traditional outpatient offices locate in Appleton and Kaukauna, Wisconsin. The Family Counseling Program offers counseling services that address the following issues:

Anger and Behavior Management
Self Esteem
Divorce and Blended Family Issues
Family Relationships
Parenting Issues
Marital Issues
Stress and Trauma that affect Youth, Adults and Families

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Hope and Healing Day Treatment
A more intensive expansion of HOPE Lives, Hope and Healing Day Treatment was added to CHAPS programming in 2011 to adequately serve the most severe cases of youth in crisis.

Hope and Healing Day Treatment provides 4 hours per day, 5 days per week of group and individual sessions. The small group interaction encourages each adolescent to lend to the healing of her peers, while building and strengthening a healthy and supportive friendship.

This program also utilizes strategies of group, family and individual counseling session, recreational therapy, music therapy, equine-assisted counseling and other creative counseling approaches.

Case Management services involve a multidisciplinary team approach that includes family members, social workers, counselors, and school personnel. The youth served in this program often face out-of-home placement and institutionalization without the program.

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Hope Lives-Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Hope Lives is a state of the art, developmentally appropriate, and uniquely successful equine assisted suicide prevention and intervention program for at-risk youth. Hope Lives serves adolescents and families who have had very limited success in traditional forms of treatment.

The youth served are severely depressed, suicidal, self-abusive, self-destructive, and barely engaged in the activities of life: school, athletics, church or family. They are frequently using drugs or alcohol, are sexually promiscuous, and involved in associated legal difficulties. We engage the family and the youth through individual and family equine-assisted counseling sessions, in-home family session, school collaboration, and county social work collaboration.

Hope Lives enables youth to improve their skills with interpersonal communication, cooperation, and creative problem solving, which directly impacts and improves their quality of life. Hope Lives helps youth identify personal hopes and dreams and begin moving in a positive direction toward the achievement of those goals.

Following Hope Lives, the youth is stabilized and family functioning has improved. We do not believe in endless treatment-our programs teach our adolescents how to live, and cope and be successful.

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Special Gifts
A program that provides equine assisted and other creative counseling services to families that have a child living with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and other pervasive developmental disabilities.

This program is based on the perspective that children hold many special gifts that are often overlooked due to the behaviors sometimes associated with these disorders.

The program's strength-based approach builds skills essential for restoring and/or increasing social interaction, self-regulation, and behavioral goal setting, while utilizing individual gifts and interests to motivate success.

Weekly, 50 minute sessions utilize equine-assisted therapy as well as other creative counseling activities and new technology, such as the iPad.

For more information and to register, please see this form.

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Special Gifts Camp Experience
In addition to our Special Gifts services, CHAPS offers Special Gifts Camp Experiences that take place on at least one Saturday each month. This is an opportunity for any child (within the program or not) to participate in a group environment. During this camp experience, counselors and volunteers work with youth in a group setting and focus on a specific topic each camp. Each camp is intended to focus on one area, while taking into account the individual needs of each youth participating. This program provides a fun, social way for youth dealing with difficult issues to get some guidance and support, while making friends who have similar life experiences.

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